We are an independent local association of umpires and scorers. Founded in 1998, our Association is open to anyone of any age and sex, who is interested in umpiring and scoring. Whatever level of cricket in which you participate or if you are not currently umpiring or scoring, but just love the game, you'll find a warm and friendly welcome from all of us.

Most of our members are drawn from our catchment area but some live in neighbouring areas or even further afield.

We are affiliated to the Surrey Cricket Board's Association of Cricket Officials

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We have an annual membership fee of just 5. Benefits of membership include:

*opportunity to enroll on training courses;
* support from fellow umpires and scorers;
* help with finding match appointments;
* receipt of a regular newsletter;
* chance to attend our meetings and other social events.

Please contact our Secretary, John Flatley for more information.

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Our constitution was last revised at our Annual General Meeting in November 2012.

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