ESCUSA Constitution

(revised November 2012)



All provisions of this Constitution refer to men and women equally. Words which may imply the male gender have been included solely for brevity and are to be taken as applying to both male and female.


1: The name of the Association is the East Surrey Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association (ESCUSA).


2: Subject to the terms and conditions set out below, ESCUSA and its property is administered and managed in accordance with this Constitution by a committee answerable to the members of ESCUSA in general meeting.

Aims and Objectives

3: ESCUSA is a not-for-profit organisation whose Aims and Objectives are:

3a: To further the interests of umpires and scorers and to provide a forum for members to discuss the Laws of Cricket and their application and any other subjects the members may decide upon.

3b: To provide umpire and scorer training by way of courses and seminars when and wherever possible and practicable.

3c: To help raise the standard of umpires and scorers to levels demanded by the game of cricket, both locally and nationally.

3d: To help members progress to the highest standards to which they may aspire in their umpiring and/or scoring activities.

3e: To support cricket activities in the area and contribute, with the agreement of the members, to worthy cricket causes.

3f: To encourage and arrange social activities for the members.


4: ESCUSA supports the England and Wales Cricket Board Association of Cricket Officials (ECB ACO) and is affiliated to the Surrey Cricket Board Association of Cricket Officials (SCBACO) thereby entitling it to send a representative to its meetings.

Officers and Committee

5a: Officers:
The officers of ESCUSA shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the association and consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Training Officer and Social Secretary. An officer may hold more than one office simultaneously but, in that event, he shall have only one vote. The Chairman may, if he wishes, use a casting vote in the event of a tied ballot.

5b: Welfare Policy:
The Association supports the England & Wales Cricket Board Welfare Policies and Programmes including the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) disclosure procedures. The Association encourages all its Members who are active officials to obtain, hold and renew triannually a current CRB Disclosure Certificate.

5c: Committee:
At least two other members shall be elected at the AGM and will, with the officers, form the committee to control the affairs of ESCUSA.

5d: Co-opted members:
The committee may co-opt members if it so wishes, save that no more than three co-opted members may serve at any one time. Co-opted members have no voting rights in committee.

5e: Quorum:
A quorum of the committee shall be deemed to exist when a minimum of 4 elected committee members are present, of whom at least two shall be officers.

5f: Election:
Election of officers and committee will be from paid up members of ESCUSA and will take place at the AGM (see below). Where practicable the names of persons nominated and seconded for these positions will be passed to the Secretary at least ten days before the AGM. Nominations, properly seconded, may be taken from the AGM provided that the nominee is present or has agreed in writing to stand for the position. In the event of a contested election for the post of one of the Officers, the Chairman (or, if it is his own election which is being contested, another Officer) shall call for a vote by ballot. All vacancies not filled at the AGM may be filled by the incoming committee.

Membership and Subscriptions

6a: Qualifications
Membership shall be open to all persons endorsing the objects of ESCUSA. Following application to the Secretary, membership shall be subject to approval by the committee or at a regular meeting.

6b: Subscriptions
The AGM will set the subscription for membership following the Treasurer's recommendations at the AGM. Annual subscriptions are due by November 1st. Subscriptions for new members are payable immediately on acceptance, though should a new member join within three months prior to November 1st, his subscription shall be deemed to run from the date of his joining until October 31st in the following year. In special circumstances the committee has the right to waive a member's subscription without reference to the members, such waiver to be re-affirmed at each subsequent committee meeting for as long as it applies.

6c: Cessation of membership
Membership shall cease when a member informs the Secretary in writing of his resignation, or when a member's subscription is more than six months overdue in which event he will be considered to have lapsed, subject to the discretion of the committee.

6d: Honorary membership
The categories of Honorary Life Member and Honorary Member shall be awarded to members who have made an outstanding contribution to the East Surrey Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association or to cricket umpiring and scoring more generally. The award of such membership shall be conferred by the Association's committee.


7a: Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The AGM of ESCUSA will be held between October 1 and December 15 each year, as practicable. Written notice of the AGM will be sent with the agenda at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting. The attendance of a minimum of ten paid-up members shall constitute a quorum for an AGM. The purpose of the AGM will be to hear and, if approved, adopt the reports of the Secretary, Treasurer and any other reports submitted; to elect officers and committee members for the ensuing year; to agree and set a subscription; to decide upon any resolutions that may be proposed; to appoint an auditor; and to discuss any other matters placed before it on the agenda.

7b: Resolutions for the AGM
Resolutions for consideration by the AGM must be in writing, proposed and seconded, and given to the Secretary at least thirty days before the AGM. The committee may propose a resolution without a seconder. All resolutions for discussion at the AGM (including those for rule changes, see below 7-D) must be printed in full on the agenda. Amendments may be taken during the meeting, with the approval of those members present.

7c: Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
An EGM may be called at any time by the committee or by written resolution presented to the Secretary by at least 12 paid-up members. The Secretary will give written notice of any EGM at least 14 days before the date of the meeting. The attendance of a minimum of twelve paid-up members shall constitute a quorum for an EGM. The business of the EGM will be solely as stated on the agenda.

7d: Alterations to the Rules
Alterations to these rules may only be made at an AGM or an EGM. Resolutions seeking to amend these rules, proposed and seconded, must be given to the Secretary at least thirty days before the AGM and as set out above (Item 7 - C) for an EGM.

7e: Location and times of meetings
ESCUSA will meet in places and at times convenient and appropriate to the members.


8a: Financial year
The financial year will start on October 1st each year. The Treasurer will present the audited accounts and a report on the previous financial year at the next AGM.

8b: Signatories
The committee will approve at least three signatories for the association's financial transactions, one of whom will be the Treasurer. Two signatures will be required for all cheque payments in excess of a limit that the committee may from time to time determine.