Laws of cricket

Below are links to information about the Laws of cricket and tips on umpiring and scoring.

4th edition of the 2000 Laws launched in 1 October 2010

Details of the changes in the Laws of Cricket can be found on the MCC website.

Law books

Copies of the new edition (updated with the 4th edition of the 2000 Code which cane into effect on 1 October 2010) of Tom Smith's cricket umpiring and scoring: the internationally recognised and definitive guide to the interpretation and application of the laws of cricket are now available at a price of 11.75 to ECB ACO members. To order a copy contact our Secretary.

"This updated version of Tom Smith's book is a great read for anyone interested in any form of cricket" - Richie Benaud
"To be an effective and successful umpire, it's not just about knowing what the Laws say, but understanding the intentions, interpretations and reasons behind them. This book is a valuable resource." - Simon Taufel, ICC Elite Panel Umpire

The MCC Open Learning Manual can be downloaded from the MCC website. The purpose of this manual is to set out a straightforward account of the Laws of Cricket, in a form which the student can easily digest and from which they can learn. Its primary aim is not to train umpires to pass examinations, but to help them to do a better job on the field of play.

A pocket-sized edition of the MCC Laws of Cricket (handy for taking with you onto the field of play) can be purchased (price 3.00) from the online shop at Lord's.

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Other resources

The BBC website has a basic guide to cricket and an interactive umpire game.

The IICUS website has a helpful armchair umpire section which provides definitions of cricketing terms and explanations of key points of Law. The site also has a very useful umpiring technique manual.

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