Laws of cricket

Below are links to information about the Laws of cricket and tips on umpiring and scoring.

New Code of Laws launched in 1 October 2017

Details of the changes in the Laws of Cricket can be found on the MCC website.

Law books

It is understood that a new edition of Tom Smith's cricket umpiring and scoring: the internationally recognised and definitive guide to the interpretation and application of the laws of cricket will be developed during 2018.

A new online resource is available at MCC website. The purpose of this resource is to explain the Laws in a simple and engaging manner. One can take a test at the end to check learning.

A pocket-sized edition of the MCC Laws of Cricket (handy for taking with you onto the field of play) can be purchased (price 3.50) from the online shop at Lord's.

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Other resources

The BBC website has a basic guide to cricket and an interactive umpire game.

The IICUS website has a helpful armchair umpire section which provides definitions of cricketing terms and explanations of key points of Law. The site also has a very useful umpiring technique manual.

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