ESACUS Members' Newsletter - April 2008

Dear Colleagues and ESACUS Members

Last month I wrote to you about developments in the umpiring world. Unfortunately I got one of the important facts wrong. So my first aim in this letter is to correct this mistake. With the demise of the ACU&S and its incorporation into the ECB's umpires and scorers organisation, now known as ECBACO, all former full members of ACU&S will be admitted into ECBACO if you apply and so desire. You MUST fill in the ECBACO application form which ACU&S sent you a couple of months ago. If you have mislaid it, but still wish to join ECBACO, you can obtain one from our own ESACUS website. (NB. this form differs from the standard ECBACO application form and is for transferring ACU&S members only). But your ACU&S subscription (if you have paid it for the year starting November 1st 2007) will automatically be transferred to ECBACO so there is no need to send in any more money.

ACU&S insurance has ceased so you are no longer covered by it. If you join ECBACO you will be covered by their
insurance policy; which is similar to the ACU&S one. However, there is still some doubt about insurance cover for ACU&S members joining the ECBACO. Many of us have applied but not yet received formal notification of membership. Lorraine has just received an email from Sam Greaves at ECBACO which states: "Once your application form is received you will be sent a letter of confirmation. This letter also contains a message stating that you are insured upon receipt of your application form. If you are worried that your form has not been received please call ECBACO on 0207-432 1231, 9 till 5:30." So if you have not received formal notification about your membership, I suggest you contact ECBACO direct as soon as possible. The alternative national organisation for our members, ICUS, is active and has insurance for its members. ESACUS, along with other local associations, is investigating the possibility of arranging public liability insurance for those of our members who do not wish to join any national organisation. I will keep you informed if anything comes of these enquiries.

Committee Member
At our recent Committee meeting we asked Lorraine Elgar to join the Committee. She has attended most of our recent meetings as the Regional Councillor, but now that the ACU&S has ceased to exist, this post no longer exists. However, we have found that her experience and widespread contacts in the South East have enabled her to make extremely valuable contributions to our discussions. She has also attended most of our Social Functions, so some of you will have already met her.

The situation concerning future courses of instruction for budding umpires is unclear. The ECBACO has no known plans to run anything comparable to the old GL5 course in our area during the coming Autumn. Your committee is therefore considering whether to hold a seminar concentrating on the practical aspects of the old GL5 course on one weekend during the October half term, possibly again at Caterham School, where the facilities are excellent. Andrew Etherington would be among those running this course. John Smith has agreed to continue to do the concomitant administration, in particular receiving applications etc. We will review the situation in early August in the light of developments, but this is our present intention.

With best wishes and in the hope of seeing some of you this coming Thursday at Horley CC.

Yours sincerely

Peter Turner, Secretary ESACUS
April 1st 2008