ESACU&S Members' Newsletter - October 2008

Dear Members

This is the time of year that I write to you about the Association's AGM and forthcoming events.


But first of all, may I remind some of you that your subs for 2007-08 are long overdue and quite a few of you are in danger of having your membership cancelled at the AGM next month. If I have not received your cheque (for £10 so as to include the subs for the forthcoming year, November 1st to October 31st 2009) your names will be on the lapsing list for ratification at the AGM. Of course, if you can attend the meeting, I will be only too happy to take your money then!!

If you are unsure whether you have paid, please contact me and I will check your status. For the remainder of our members whose subs are currently up to date (the subs remain @ £5 per member), may I ask you to let me have your money for next year as soon as you can, either by post or in person at the AGM.

Your Committee met recently and among other things made the arrangements for our winter activities. So take out your diaries and put in the following dates. The first is our AGM: on Thursday, November 6th at South Nutfield Cricket Club, Mid Street, South Nutfield, starting at 8 pm, doors open at 7.30 p.m. After the AGM, which should not take much more than half an hour, there will be light refreshments (the club runs a pay bar for the thirsty among you). Entry is free. Members’ partners and friends will be most welcome. After the AGM we will be running a quiz with prizes for the winners.


Following the demise of the ACU&S last January, our Constitution has to be revised to take account of the new arrangements with the ECB. The changes are:

  • Clause 4: delete paragraph (a) & replace it with "ESACUS supports the England and Wales Cricket Board's Association of Cricket Officials (ECBACO)."
  • Delete paragraph (b) and replace it with "ESACUS is affiliated to the Surrey Cricket Board's Association of Cricket Officials (SCBACO)."
  • Delete paragraph (c).
  • Clause 5b: Delete and replace with a new Clause 7 (with subsequent re-numbering), to read as follows: "Clause 7. Welfare Policy The Association supports the ECB's Welfare Policies and Programmes including the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) disclosure procedures. When required, it is able to assist members to obtain, hold and renew triennially their current CRB Disclosure Certificates."
  • Committee members

    After last year's AGM, Andrew Etherington offered his services as our Training Instructor, which your committee eagerly accepted and co-opted him as one of our number. We have been unable to fill the vacancy of Vice Chairman, so this post has remained vacant all year and we still seek nominations for it. Suggestions to me please as soon as you can.

    The current Committee members are willing to stand again for re-election, but other nominations for all offices would be more than welcome. Otherwise, your committee proposes the following:

  • Chairman and Surrey Representative - Steve Hodge
  • Vice Chairman - Vacant
  • Secretary & Webmaster - John Flatley
  • Treasurer - Peter Turner
  • The other members of your committee with the duties they currently fulfil are:

  • Instructor - Andrew Etherington
  • Social Secretary - Bernard Wright
  • Welfare Officer - Fred Imms
  • Adviser - Lorraine Elgar

    1. Welcome by the Chairman and Apologies.
    2. Confirmation of the Minutes of last year's AGM.
    3. Matters Arising from these Minutes (if any).
    4. Secretary's Report.
    5. Treasurer's Report and Accounts for 2007/08 & Appointment of Auditor for 2008/09.
    6. Webmaster's Report.
    7. Membership.
    8. Constitution.
    9. Report from the County Board.
    10. Election of Officers and Committee.
    11. A.O.B.


    The intermediate course for umpires, aimed at those with a GL6 qualification, will have taken place by the time we meet. The new ECB Level 1 course will take place at Caterham School over the weekend of February 14th and 15th and is examinable. Anyone interested should contact John Smith via or by phone on 01372 813682.


    Your Committee has again decided not to have a Christmas Quiz this year. February 6th 2009 is the proposed date for our Annual Dinner in the same venue as this year. Please reserve it in your diary. More details will be in my next newsletter, to be published later in November after the AGM.

    Evening Standard Challenge Trophy

    The ESCT's last Final took place at Ealing CC on August 14th (due to rain forcing the Oval to abandon the match the previous weekend). Ealing beat Sunbury. It is unlikely that there will be a similar competition next year, though David Willis is still trying to rustle up sponsors for one. Members may also have noted that the National Cockspur Knockout Competition has also ceased.

    AGM Matters

    The accounts are being audited and will be forwarded to members with email before the AGM together with the Secretary's and Treasurer's Reports. Hard copies will also be available at the meeting.

    Hoping to see you at South Nutfield.

    Yours sincerely

    Peter Turner, Secretary and Treasurer, ESACUS
    October 9th 2008