ESACU&S Members' Newsletter - November 2007

Dear Members

It was good to see a healthy turnout at our AGM earlier this month and I think we had one of the best meetings in our history. Certainly, David Willis was informative and optimistic about the history and future of the Evening Standard Challenge Trophy which he organises and for which I appoint umpires. Lorraine Elgar gave us a meaningful insight into the workings of the higher echelons of the ACU&S.

We are pleased to welcome on to the Committee John Flatley who has volunteered to create a website for us and keep it up to date. He will let you know when it is operational. You will be able to find it at We are, though, keeping our link with the SE Region's website where we only have one page, so are limited to the amount of information we can publish.

The other piece of good news is that Andrew Etherington has agreed to become our Instructor for next season and thereafter, taking over the administration from John Smith who is seeing us through till April. Andrew is a Senior Instructor of the ACU&S, so we are very lucky to get someone of his stature and experience! He has, of course, been co-opted on to the Committee.

Let me give you some dates for your 2008 diaries.

As you know, our GL6 course is running under a new format this winter, two full weekends a fortnight apart at Caterham School on February 16th & 17th and March 1st and 2nd. There are still vacancies, so if anyone wants to participate, or knows of someone who might, please get in touch with John Smith. He will be pleased to provide further details.

Our Annual Dinner will be on Friday, February 8th at the Toby Carvery (in the Toby Inn) by Redhill Station. For more details see the News for members section on our website.

The final date is April 8th when we are provisionally planning a meeting to learn about the implications arising from the result of the ballot on the future of the ACU&S. We hope to have a speaker knowledgeable on the subject. Further details about this meeting will follow later.

And this leads me on to the BALLOT. Those of you who are ACU&S members will by now have received your ballot papers on the ACU&S' future, in particular whether it should be dissolved and merge with the ECB. It is most important that apathy is not allowed to decide the vote: it is your right, even your duty, to put an X in the box of your choice and return the ballot in good time to the scrutineers. Please do it NOW. If you want to know more about it first, have a chat with me or Lorraine.

Annual Dinner.

To avoid the problems we had over payment this year, we have decided to charge all those attending 15 for a three-course carvery meal with starter and dessert from the Toby printed menu. Vegetarian options are available at the carvery. This price excludes your drinks and coffee after the meal, but does include the tip. ESACUS will settle the bill for the food at the end of the evening. So we ask you to let Bernard Wright know that you are coming and if possible send him your cheque, made out to ESACUS, by January 15th 2008. The restaurant can accommodate up to 40 in the area we would like to reserve for our use, which is slightly apart from the other diners. Bernard will also organise a raffle, but there will not be a speaker. Please reply early so that we can assess numbers and make the necessary bookings.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Peter Turner, Secretary ESACUS
November 23rd 2007